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Useful Tips
  • Camping Stores in Cheonan
    Get a start to explore the Korean camping scene. We found four stores for your camping and outdoor gear in the area. This will give you an idea on what’s out there if you wanted to check it out.
  • Vegan Bakery Cafe in Buldangdong
    Having a vegetarian or vegan eating style is not an impediment when it comes to trying a dessert or a piece of cake. That is why looking for innovative coffee...
  • 6 Korean Cold Noodles to Try Now
    Cold noodles are a great option for those lazy summer days. There are more choices other than the popular Pyongyang naengmyeon. Let me share a quick list of these cold...
  • Beat the Summer Heat with Less AC
    Korean average summer temperature might just hit 30° this year. June 2020 had us looking at average temperatures going from 26.9 to 28 C according to the Korean Meteorological Agency....
  • How to hire a personal trainer.
    Going to the for the first time can be overwhelming as a foreigner. You can't speak the language; You don't how to use the machines; You are unsure how to...
  • “Hottest” Days in Korea (복날): Year 2020
          Brace yourselves as the Hottest Days are coming for this year 2020.             Pronuounced as Bongnal, 복날 (Bok.Nal), considered as the Hottest Days...

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