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Useful Tips
  • Cold Weather Snacks
    The best way to show your love is to invite someone to your dinner table. Food is what brings our souls together: sharing a meal is an intimate part of...
  • Convenience stores in Cheonan
    You get to see them everywhere In Korea. Whether it is on your way to work or after a good night out with friends. They are always present. The convenience...
  • The planned sited of the Cheonan Multicultural immigrants
    다가오는 천안 다문화 이민자 센터가 5 월에 예정되어있어 행정 업무가 간소화 될 예정입니다.  천안의 도시에서이 다문화 센터는 8시에 위치를 차지합니다 일 동 남구, Moonhwa 동에있는 보건소 별관의 바닥.  이민자들을위한 통합 사무실의 필요성이 제기되었는데, 특히 외국인들은 지역마다 다른 여러 부서로 분리 된 이민자들에 대한 정책으로 인해 그들의 업무를 컨설팅하는 데 어려움을 겪었 기 때문에 발생했습니다. 또한, 여전히 한국어로 ...
  • Immigration Office – Cheonan Branch
    Are you new in Korea and want to stay longer? Are you a foreigner living in South Korea who has renewed your passport recently? Do you need to acquire (or renew) an alien registration card? Did you move to a new place or change employers recently? Acquiring an ARC, along with a proper visa, is a reason to visit the immigration office. But that’s not all. You should also update the immigration office if you changed employers, civil status, moved to a new address, have a new passport issued by your home country, and the list goes on.
  • How to get a 15k Won haircut in Cheonan
    As u may know or not, Korean beauty trends are really famous around the world. Koreans interest in anything about beauty, and fashion, they care a lot about their appearance,...
  • Easy Car Rental Guide
    One of the biggest concerns one has to face as a traveler or resident in a foreigner is the need for transport. Getting from one place to another is not...

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