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Useful Tips
  • How to Buy Train Tickets and Use Trains in Cheonan
    Hello. Have you ever taken a train in Korea during a holiday? It was expected that over 3 million people had taken a train for going their hometown during last...
  • Cheonan Walnut Snack
    Shake Shack burger for New York, cheesecake for Philadelphia- guess what represents  Cheonan city? I can say it is Walnut Snack without a doubt. It is a small bite-sized soft...
  • Yeonmiju
     Yeonmiju is traditional liquor in Cheonan which is made of fermented rice and medicinal herbs. It is a modernized version of Baekhwaju in Baekje dynasty. It is known that after...
  • Gwangdeok Walnut
    The thing people outside of Cheonan often call "Cheonan Walnut" is called Gwangdeok Walnut by local,s because Gwangduk is the place where most walnuts grow in Cheonan. Gwangdeok is also...
  • The Pear Blossom of Wangjibong Peak
    Seonghwan-eup of Cheonan is a producer of Shingo pear, grown on farmlands in Wangnim-ri and the Wangjibong Peak area in Yulgeum-ri. Shingo pears of Cheonan, grown in an ideal natural...
  • Cheonan Blueberry
    Cheonan blueberries are cultivated without the use of pesticides. Anthocyanin found in blueberries is known to enhance eyesight, reduce blood cholesterol, and have anti-aging effects.

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