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Useful Tips
  • Studying Korean during Covid-19
    Studying Korean during COVID-19. Recently the government has raised the social distancing level in Cheonan to level two. With all the new cases of Covid-19 and the cold winter weather,...
  • Cheonan City Late-night Buses
    Cheonan City has decided to operate late-night buses to enhance the convenience of public transportation during late-night hours starting December. The city plans to introduce late-night buses that travel every hour from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. when city buses are cut off to connect with other public transportation such as subways, KTX and trains. The introduction ...
  • Skyscraper in Cheonan: Tallest in Chungnam Province
    A lot of skyscraper flock in the well-known and big cities of Seoul and Busan. But have you ever wondered what is the tallest building in Cheonan?        ...
  • Korean Delivery Notifications Decoded: A Quick Comparison
    CJ Logistics, Hanjin Express and Lotte Global Logistics. These are probably the top three delivery companies in Korea at the moment in terms of business-to-business (B2B) market. These are also...
  • Level 2 of Social Distancing in Cheonan (as of September)
    Social distancing level 2 has been extended from September 28 - October 11.  This is in connection to the much-expected Chuseok holiday this year. Even if the number of cases...
  • Camping Stores in Cheonan
    Get a start to explore the Korean camping scene. We found four stores for your camping and outdoor gear in the area. This will give you an idea on what’s out there if you wanted to check it out.

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