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Useful Tips
  • Be the beautiful change in Cheonan with a donation
    Are you interested or do you usually make some kind of charitable donation, but still don't know what institution or foundation in Cheonan needs your contribution? If so, 아름다운가게|BEAUTIFUL SHOP...
  • Teaching Programs in Cheonan
    Most of the English speaking foreigners living in Cheonan are English teachers. This article is designed to be a guide to simplify the research process when deciding which program to...
  • Hello, We are Looking for Social Reporters
    We are looking for those who want to be ‘Social Reporters’ for Cheonan City. To help foreigners who are visiting Cheonan for the first time or for those who have...
  • American Tray: Cheonan Branch
    KN95 Mask, hand sanitizers, and all other things that can protect you from the flu.  These things are flying off the shelves with the current health scare that is going...
  • CrossFit Box in Cheonan with a View
    We will introduce you to a unique crossfit box in Cheonan that gives you the option to train not just indoors but outdoors as well. Be inspired to get fit...
  • Christmas Classical Music Concert in Cheonan

    This month for the arrival of Christmas, Cheonan carries out fun activities for the population in order to enjoy this time of joy, peace, and love between family and friends. One of the biggest events in the city and which has the assistance of many people is the Christmas Festival that takes place during the last two weeks of December every year, but how about a Christmas classical concert as another good option for enjoying the Christmas atmosphere?

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