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  • Naughty Child Kids Cafe
    Kids Cafes have quickly become a family favorite for us since we moved to Korea. Last month, I wrote about a great dinosaur-themed restaurant in Cheonan called Triassic Restaurant, and...
  • Christmas Classical Music Concert in Cheonan

    This month for the arrival of Christmas, Cheonan carries out fun activities for the population in order to enjoy this time of joy, peace, and love between family and friends. One of the biggest events in the city and which has the assistance of many people is the Christmas Festival that takes place during the last two weeks of December every year, but how about a Christmas classical concert as another good option for enjoying the Christmas atmosphere?

  • Art and Craft Supply Store in Cheonan

    This post is for the crafty folks in town. A friend of mine recently asked if there is a big craft store in Cheonan so I went and searched for one. This is what I found.

    Jimoonsa, a little bit similar to big box stores for school, home, office, arts, and crafts supplies. There are two branches in Cheonan: Dujeong Branch near Dujeong Station and Building Branch near the KTX Cheonan-Asan Station. While these might not beat the ones in Seoul, they are a good alternative to the typical mazes that you would usually find in a regular stationery store in your Korean neighborhood. This is bigger, spacious, and with more variety of supplies available. We want to give the how-to-get-there part right away to save you time. But if you want to get an idea of what you can find there, scroll down at the end and drool if you may.  (That is the crafter inside talking!)

    1. Jimoonsa Buldang Branch

    천안시 서북구 불당 34길 3-18


    Hours: 10AM-8PM Everyday

    How to get there:

    By bus: From KTX Exit #3 (17 minutes from the bus loading area)

    1. Take Bus #90 and get off at the third stop, Hoban.

    2. Then cross the street and walk up to the corner on your left.

    3. Turn right, and go half that block until you find Paris Baguette across the street.

    4. Jimoonsa building is the one just behind it.

  • Pepero Day in Cheonan
    On Monday, November 11, the day of one of the most popular sweets in Korea was celebrated ¨ Pepero Day¨.  On this day, both young couples and groups of friends exchange or gift boxes of pepero to celebrate their friendship and show their affection with each other. The pepero is a cane-shaped cookie, surrounded by ...
  • Cheonan Eats: The Full Fish Market Experience
    One of the most exciting things about traveling to a new country is the opportunity to try new and exciting foods.  And Korea is no exception. If you are a...
  • 시골손두부
    Korea is a country rich in history.  From the different dynasties that used to rule Korea to the hardships caused by the Japanese occupation, Koreans have been through a lot. ...

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