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Useful Tips
  • Cheonan Asan Runners (CARs)
    There aren’t many communities for foreigners in Cheonan. Today, I will introduce you to a small community called “CARs”, short for Cheonan Asan Runners.  It is a runners community supervised by an American and is a private group on Facebook. Since it is a private group, searching for it online is possible but to be able ...
  • Cold Weather Snacks
    The best way to show your love is to invite someone to your dinner table. Food is what brings our souls together: sharing a meal is an intimate part of...
  • Convenience stores in Cheonan
    You get to see them everywhere In Korea. Whether it is on your way to work or after a good night out with friends. They are always present. The convenience...
  • The planned sited of the Cheonan Multicultural immigrants
    There will be a site planned for the upcoming Cheonan Multicultural Center for Immigrants in following May that will simplify the administrative works.  From the city of Cheonan, this multicultural center will be sited at the 8th floor of the Health Center annex in Dongnam-gu, Moonhwa-dong.  The need for the combined offices for the immigrants has been ...
  • Immigration Office – Cheonan Branch
    Are you new in Korea and want to stay longer? Are you a foreigner living in South Korea who has renewed your passport recently? Do you need to acquire (or renew) an alien registration card? Did you move to a new place or change employers recently? Acquiring an ARC, along with a proper visa, is a reason to visit the immigration office. But that’s not all. You should also update the immigration office if you changed employers, civil status, moved to a new address, have a new passport issued by your home country, and the list goes on.
  • How to get a 15k Won haircut in Cheonan
    As u may know or not, Korean beauty trends are really famous around the world. Koreans interest in anything about beauty, and fashion, they care a lot about their appearance, and their fashion styles are just amazing so it’s a common thing to find Korean women constantly checking their makeup on the subway and coffee ...

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