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Useful Tips
  • Tousjours Dolgama or Bread Stone Kiln Village
    Hobbit hole in Cheonan? Sure there is! This interesting photo is what caught my eye at first but it’s the promise of delicious artisan bread that made me seek this...
  • Great Places in Cheonan to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
    3 years ago, I went to my first BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) gym in Cheonan. I walked into my first gym I saw next to my house knowing no korean at...
  • We are looking for social reporter for Cheonan city
    We are looking for those who want to be ‘Social Reporters’ for Cheonan City. To help foreigners who are visiting Cheonan for the first time or for those who have...
  • A Soothing Hot Cup of Tea
    A Soothing Hot Cup of  Tea I love being in Korea; you can find just about anything you want here. Koreans really know how to cater to their customers. They...
  • How to Register Your Address
    If you didn't know how to report the change of residence for foreigners, Look at the video and find out more.~ It's really easy.
  • Things to do around Cheonan Station
    Cheonan Station is the one connecting Cheonan to other provinces and cities in South Korea. Making it possible to go to Seoul within 1 hour and to Busan within 5...

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