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Vegan Bakery Cafe in Buldangdong
Jul 31, 2020
Having a vegetarian or vegan eating style is not an impediment when it comes to trying a dessert or a piece of cake. That is why looking for innovative coffee alternatives in the different areas of Cheonan we find a cafe that cares about creating and making products ( desserts – cakes ) for all those who keep a balanced diet or have a light eating style.


 ¨ Bbangartgan Vegan Bakery Cafe ¨ it is located in Buldandong, exactly in the area known as ‘카페 거리’ or the coffee street. In this area there are various cafes as well as restaurants, but this cafe is characterized mainly by offering different delicious and gluten-free vegan desserts and cakes.

The interior of the cafe is spacious and has a very nice decoration, and the customer service is very warm and attentive. The cafe also offers bakery classes for all those interested in learning about various vegan recipes.


Since 2016, we have been researching desserts for those who can't digest dairy and flour, those who are allergic to eggs, those who are vegetarian, and those who are dieting.

VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE - Butter, dairy, egg and flour-free vegan-gluten-free desserts made with unisex sugar.

CAUTION : We don't add preservatives but we are aiming for low-sugar, low-salt. It's recommended to eat it as early as 1-2 days. Ingredients containing gluten are handled together and made in the same manufacturing space. . If you have celiac disease, please be careful and contact us.



  Bbangartgan Cafe takes orders for vegan cakes in different sizes that are generally made the same day that the customer orders.

  The price range for cakes and desserts is from 3,500 won to 8,000 won.


   Opening hours:

Tuesday – Friday from 2pm to 10pm

Weekends from 12pm to 9pm. 


ADDRESS : 충남 천안시 서북구 불당15길 10-2 – 불당동 1407 1층 BBANGARTGAN /  Chungnam, Cheonan-si, Seobuk-gu Buldang 15-gil, 10-2  – Budang-dong 1407 1st floor .



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