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In the Area around the Shinsegae Department Store, there are many things for children or young couples to do for a fun Saturday. There are many movie theatres, themed cafes, art galleries, escape rooms, book stores, and delicious restaurants. If you are a gamer and looking for a reasonable, one price,  all you can game experience  IZone Premium Gaming Arcade is the place for you.

When you first walk into the arcade, You will have to pick how many hours you want to play for. The prices are 3000 won an hour for weekdays and 4000 won on weekends. After picking, the worker will give you a bracelet that you will have to wear to keep track of your time. When you leave, you just give the worker your bracelet and then pay.  The arcade offers no food but it does have a fridge with various beverages. if you have items that you don’t want to carry around with you during the arcade there are lockers for storage.

The Arcade offers a good variety of games. When you first walk into the arcade there is a basketball game and knock hockey game. As you walk further into the arcade, there is a Playstation 4 and a Dance Dance Revolution. There are 2 V.R stations eggs that offer a wide variety of games. In the back of the arcade, there are the car racing games and some ride shooting games.  In the middle of the arcade, there are all the classic side scrollers and fighting games like Metal Slug, Virtua Fighter, and 1942. There is also an area for little kid games if you bring your children. If you get tired of playing video games, there is also a little bar area where you can sit at some tables and play darts while enjoying a beverage.

I went to the IZone Arcade on a Tuesday night with my friend. The staff was really kind and patient explaining to me how the arcade worked. Since it was a weekday, the place was quite empty. There were maybe 7 people in the arcade. All of the arcades were easy to operate you just walk up and hit the start button. Some of the older arcades were not in great shape because of overuse. For the fighting games, the buttons were not as responsive as I would have liked.


Even with the place being empty, 1 hour was not enough to play all the games we wanted. I ended up paying for 2 hours and playing all of the games in the arcade. (Minus the kid’s games because the chairs were too short lol.) For 6 dollars, it was well worth the money for all of the games you can play. At a regular coin arcade, the games I played would have been well over 20 dollars. All in all, I recommend this place if you are looking for a fun activity to do in Cheonan.

Address: 충청남도 천안시 동남구 먹거리11길 18, 지하 1층
– Tel : 041-552-9012

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