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Volley ball : V League Team ‘Sky walkers’
Dec 10, 2017

Yankees in New York, Red Socks in Boston, then which sports team represents Cheonan? Every year, mostly from October to March, you can find a sky blue colored sign containing the game schedule information of “Hyundai Capital Skywalkers” everywhere in Cheonan. Hyundai Capital Skywalkers (just simpley called “Skywalkers”)  is a South Korean professional volleyball team based in Cheonan. Watching this indoor sport in cold season is such a great way to hang out with your family and friends and have fun. The  tickets are around 8,000~30,000 won for adults and with Hyundai card, you can get 50% off. Trust me, even if you have never went to a volleyball game before, once you experience it, you are going to love it. While you cheer, yell and chant for the home team. It will help you to get rid of your stress.