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SAGNOK RESORT: Snow Sledding, Water Park and more!
Mar 3, 2019

Sagnok Resort is one of the popular destinations in Cheonan, it has a Water Park called Aquapia that is open all the seasons; in winter time they have a Snow Sledding Hill; an Amusement Park and even a Golf Course.

Besides all of this they have hotels and restaurants where you can get Western and Korean food.



First you should know that the resort is kind of far from downtown of Cheonan. Near Cheonan station you can take bus number 500, it leaves you outside the resort and it takes about 50 minutes to arrive.

Once there you can see the big sign and you should keep walking straight. Apparently they don’t have shuttle bus inside the Resort so you have to walk the hill up until you get to the amusement Park and the Water Park.



In the amusement park you can find a couple of games, most of them for kids but there are others more that grow ups can enjoy too.

There are between 3 and 4 ticket boths in where you can get tickets for the attractions you want to join. At the entrance of the Water Park, the amusement park and the Snow Sledding you can find them. Beside the window you are going to be able to see the list of prices.

Here I show them to you. The first list of prices is for the amusement park: you can pay a ticket for getting in all the games but If you just want to ride one or two of them you can buy a single use ticket for each of them.

The second list for the Water Park, and the prices depends on If you get there on weekday or weekend.



After passing these 2 places you can find a kind of garden with a lot of LED flowers, 1 hanok house and some statues. Is like having a very small version of Everland.


We bought a ticket for the Snow Sledding. I will recommend you to download “야놀자” app. We used it many times and we got our tickets for this place there. Here you can find discounts for different attractions in Korea.


The place is big and is fun. For getting to the top of the hill you should be taller than 120cm. I think the hardest part of this place is to actually get in the top. There is no electric escalator or something similar to that so it can be tired and hard to go up all the time.

What you can do for taking a rest, they have a food corner area too and a common space. They have also some mechanical games for the kids.



How to get there?