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5 ideas for a fun weekend in Cheonan
Feb 21, 2019

Winter isn’t a reason to spend the weekend at home, and we will prove it to you!

We offer 5 ideas for a cool weekend in Cheonan, are you with us?

11.00 am – breakfast in the cafe “on the flower “

What could be more magnificent than a cup of hot freshly brewed coffee against the backdrop of a stunning natural landscape?
This is the place we chose to start our fun weekend and went to breakfast at the cafe ”On the flower”.
This cafe is one of my favorites in our city, as it combines everything – an elegant interior, the main idea of ​​which is to dive into the world of nature and flowers, a beautiful view, and, of course, delicious aromatic drinks that will start the day perfectly.

The cafe is located in a secluded place with a picturesque landscape, in a 4-story building, where each floor is made in a certain style and color scheme, which allows the guest to choose the most pleasant interior according to his mood and taste, even the stairways are completely decorated with flowers, which creates a magical effect of hitting the fairy world.

On the second floor, there is also a small flower shop in the territory of the cafe, where you can buy a beautiful bouquet of natural flowers for dear people.

The pearl of this cafe is amazing terraces with music, equipped with comfortable chairs with soft cushions that allow you to fully enjoy nature.

The cafe menu offers a variety of cold and hot drinks, desserts and ice cream. Average coffee bill with dessert – 10,000 won.

Address: 천안시 동남구 양지말1길 11-10
Call: 041-558-6600
Business hours: every day from 10 to 23.00

2.00 pm – Cheonan outdoor ice skating rink

Winter in Korea is not a hindrance to active rest, because at this time of the year you can enjoy ice skating in the open air. Not far from the bus terminal is Cheonan outdoor ice skating rink, with very affordable prices. So, renting skates (2000 won), you can skate for as long as 1.5 hours. You also can rent gloves (1000 won) and protection. There is also a cafe next to the rink, where you can warm up after skating and have a cup of coffee without taking off your skates!

Address: 139-2, Sinbu-dong, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do
Business hours: 
Until 11.02.2018

4.30 pm – Lunch at «은화수 식당»

Opposite the Cheonan bus terminal, there is a small cozy restaurant «은화수식당». The menu includes specialties – various types of tongas (돈가스) – sets of big pan-seared meat patties, salads, and side dishes. The average price per set is 7500 won. As well as the hallmark of the restaurant is curry dishes with various toppings. The average price of this dish is 6,500 won. It is worth noting the size of the portions – they are really big! In addition, the menu offers a wide selection of additional toppings – you can add a dish to your taste.
Beautiful, bright, but at the same time very cozy interior, polite and sincere staff and delicious food at affordable prices – everything you need for a good dinner.

Address: 충청남도 천안시 동남구 먹거리10길 14
Business hours: 11.30 am – 8.30 pm
Lunch break: 3.00pm-4.30 pm
Web: www.은화수식당.com

7.00 pm – Game Center “코끼리”

One of the most popular entertainments in Korea is toy machines, where the most dexterous and agile can win beautiful plush toys for every taste.
“코끼리” is a real expanse for “plush hunters”, here you can try to get a variety of toys, practice your skills and win the coveted prize.
In addition, the game center has a photo booth in which you can make beautiful lovely memorable photos.
Address: 충남 천안시 동남구 먹거리10길 20

10.00 pm – Caliente Bar

And at the end of our weekend, how about a pair of delicious cocktails accompanied by glorious live music?

All this you can find in the bar Caliente, located 3 minutes walk from the Cheonan bus terminal.

The Caliente Bar is a real discovery for those who want to enjoy socializing with their close friends in a relaxed atmosphere.

It is worth noting a very cozy interior bar.

The bar greatly appreciates its guests – therefore, it has a tradition to take photos with customers, and these photos further adorn the walls of the restaurant.

And on Fri and Sat at 10 pm live concerts of young talented vocal performers are held in the bar, which creates a charming chamber atmosphere.

The menu of drinks and snacks is really diverse – a lot of cocktails, shots, different types of beer and other alcoholic beverages – everyone can choose something to their taste, and prices are quite normal (most drinks from 6.000 to 8.000 won), also in the bar often take place the sale “buy one, get one free”.  It is in this place that we complete our weekend.

Address: 31, Meokgeori 10-gil, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do
Call: 010-7501-07-02
Business hours:
Mon/Sun 7pm-2.30am
Tue/Wed/Thu 7pm-3am
Fri/Sat 7pm-4am

Maybe you will choose one idea from our list you like most, or you will go through all our places and repeat our fun weekend, in any case, we wish you a great time at the weekend in our Cheonan city!

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