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I came from a country having no Winter season. That means, no SNOW!

Anyways, one of my childhood memory is to visit and see the miniature of a Gingerbread Village as display of this famous bakeshop in our city. It is their annual tradition which I also enjoy seeing yearly. Aside from beautiful houses with chimneys, the village is filled with white powder and tiny foam balls that depicts SNOW!

This one below is one of their display years ago.

With this childhood memory, I have dreamed of seeing a snow. And not only that, to experience a White Christmas! Yes, because the Gingerbread Village was usually displayed during the Christmas season in that bakery.

For the past years, heavy snowfall rarely happened in Cheonan. But gladly before the year 2020 ends, we experienced a White Christmas as well as a Snowy New Year!

A dream come TRUE!

Sharing to you a view from our window of our snowy village on Christmas and New Year’s day.

Our house is located on the foot of Taejo Mountain (태조산). From here, you can see the downtown of Cheonan.

How’s your experience during the White Christmas and New Year? Did you see a spectacular view too?