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Witches Kitchen

Its fall time in Korea which means beautiful weather, sweatshirts, pumpkin-flavored drinks, and Halloween. Located in sinbudang is the perfect Halloween themed restaurant complete with witches, cauldrons, skulls, and even scary drinks.  If you are looking for delicious food or a fun Halloween themed night out look no further than Witches Kitchen.

The atmosphere

When you walk into the restaurant you notice the Halloween theme immediately with the front desk covered in skulls and bones. In order to stop the spread of COVID 19, only the second floor is open. The restaurant is full of fun Halloween themed decorations. The walls are lined up with pictures of witches, the ceiling has spider web covered chandeliers, the shelves are full of scary books and bones. Even the lights are covered in witches’ hats. The whole vibe is fun and full of Halloween to enhance the dining experience. When I went, I spent 10 minutes just looking at all the great decorations.

The menu

The menu is full of Halloween themed foods like “Ghost Pasta” and “Snake pizza”. The menu is divided up into types of food. They have a page full of starters like salad, and mac and cheese. Then there is a pizza, rice dishes, and meats. The last page is full of drinks that you can get.  There were so many interesting food creations on the menu. For the salad, the cheese was shaped like a monster’s head with two olives as the eyes. The pizza sauce was poured in the shape of a spider web. The Mac and Cheese look like a monster’s face. Even the drinks come in blood bags, complete with a blood bag stand.

The food was amazing. The waitress spoke great English so if you are a foreigner there was no problem ordering. When I went, I and my friend got a salad, pasta, and a pork combo with a drink. The salad was amazing, it had bits of sugar and sweet cheese on top. The pork was soft, juicy, and covered in cheese. The spaghetti was good. Even the drink came in a blood bag and you had to drink it using an I.V tube.  The whole event was really enjoyable.

I can not reccomend WItches Kitchen highly enough. If you have little kids the restaurant isn’t too scary for little ones.  The food is amazing and just for the experience alone you should try going to the Witches Kitchen. You won’t be disappointed.

Address: 충남 천안시 동남구 먹거리9길 15

Phone:  070-4177-1116


Hours: Every Day 12:00 – 22:00

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