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Reserved Paradise for Children; ZooZooPia
Apr 17, 2019

Do you have a child or have you not lost the childish side of you yet? We have found heaven for everyone either children or who still remain child-spirited. Aquatic animals, tropical birds, farm animals, enjoyable 3D pictured walls, fascinating illusion shows, and playrooms… What else would the children want to enjoy their time at the weekend? All of these is been already gathered in one place for you. May I present to you all-included children’s paradise: ZooZoopia!!! Take a look and you will appreciate it as it is.

As you have already figured out that, basically ZooZoopia is an awesome zoological garden encapsulating various animals from different species. There are both ranch animals and wildlife animals. However, once you enter ZooZoopia, firstly a very likable aquarium corridor greets you. It is a bite at the cherry to take a close look at these lovely water creatures, that we cannot see every time. Which kinds of aquatic animals wait here for you, is a large array of sea turtle, jellyfish, catfish, ornamental fishes, and so on. The thing you could do at the aquarium part of ZooZoopia is not only to stare at them from the other side of the glasses. There is a big fishing game pool for children, and also another open fish pool that there are small sea turtles and some other fishes. You could enjoy your children’s happiness while they try to get a plastic fish with tiny fishing rods and make the experience at a close range with turtles.

When we get through to the other compartment of ZooZoopia, we see a lot of lovely animals are there waiting for visitors’ relevance. In today’s world, that humans are used to living at skyscrapers and lonely humanmade social networks apart from nature and animals, this is a very good opportunity to impose upon the kids learn how to approach animals and get among them. In order to teach them that we are not the only on this planet, that animal world is not made up of only pets which are confined to houses by people, and that we need animals actually for a beautiful world. Take a cup of sliced carrots and make your children experience how it feels to feed a bird, ferret, pig or squirrels. As a lucky child, my childhood years passed side by side with the hens, gooses, puppies, kitties, budgerigars, rabbits at my parents’ wide garden. And I still think it was the golden time of my life. That’s why I was so glad to see my childhood back yard friends, bunnies, and feed them by our hands with carrots after a long time.

After a great time with animals, there is a breathtaking illusion show. The illusionist is charismatically master in his domain. He is definitely going to fascinate you with his professional performance that you could never figure out how that impressive moment has happened. Be sure, it would be an unforgettable memory particularly for the children.

You are entirely mistaken if you think this is all that could be provided at ZooZooPia. For me, the best part which we spent maybe 1 hour at, is 3D art walls. If you like fun, pictures and also art what could hold out entertainment to you better than 3D picture walls? No doubt, nobody would understand how quickly time passes once falling under these 3D wall’s spell there.





It has not ended yet! There is more you could enjoy at ZooZoopia! Zoo Cafe, play area for kids containing several activities and games, bumper cars not only for children but also parents to have an amusing time with them, so and so. Give an eye to the pictures!

How to get ZooZoopia is so easy. By public transportation, we easily went there. Nearby Cheonan Train Station, we took in the 24 numbered bus and after about 25 minutes of travel we got off the bus at 대림아파트 정류장 하차- Dream Apartment Bus Stop. Then, we got in Hongik Healing Town, on the 2nd floor there is ZooZoopia.
The exact address :
충청남도 천안시 동남구 안서동 211 천안 홍익 힐링타운 2층
Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do 211, Anse-dong, Dong-nam-gu, Cheonan, Hongik Healing Town 2F

How to get there?